Welcome. Take a breath.

Bloodletters is here to offer you solace, to give you space to breathe, and space to process. We hope you find comfort and peace in the writing shared by authors who have had similar experiences. Share in their pain, learn from their mistakes, and know first and foremost that you are not alone.

Nonfiction – The nonfiction pieces we publish are generally comprised of straightforward narratives, allowing writers to use their words, language, and craft to tell their stories. Oftentimes, reading about someone else’s trials can give us insight and fortitude to help us get through our own.

Poetry  – Many writers who have suffered trauma use poetry as a means to get the poison out, as a way of facing the trauma from a different angle or perspective. The poetry we publish is very accessible, and by that I mean, relatable. We want our readers to be able to understand and relate to the poetry we publish while giving our writers the space they need to breathe while they write.


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