Don’t Let It Fester

Just like festering sores become infected, so can our thoughts. A simple bug bite can have disastrous consequences if untreated. (I almost lost my foot once.) And our thoughts are no different. We ignore the problem until the noise in our heads gets so loud that we can’t think straight. This noise echoes and swells and bounces around with so much volume and ferocity that it feels like a raging bear lives inside our heads. Often, this raging bear is just a squeaking mouse with an amplifier. It just needs to be heard, noticed, and managed. The longer we ignore it, the louder it gets.

How many times have we heard, “Mom. Mom. MOM. MOMM! MOMMOMMOMMOM MOMMMMM!!!”? We finally pay attention when it gets loud enough. Stop ignoring the noise and confront it. It’s trying to tell you something.

Our nagging, festering thoughts locked inside our heads act like the contents inside a pressure-cooker. They continue to expand and intensify until the pressure-cooker can no longer contain what’s inside. We’re embarrassed and afraid to let it out, thinking that this problem is so detrimental it will define us in some way. But if we don’t let it out, the pressure-cooker will explode with such force that it can cause permanent damage. This explosion can destroy relationships. It can destroy self-esteem, self-worth. It destroys our thought processes and can create more problems. We start to doubt ourselves, talk down to ourselves, and mistreat ourselves. Call ourselves awful names.

The pressure-cooker has a release valve. Find yours.

Write it down. Write a letter to the festering subject of your thoughts, whether it’s a specific person, an institution, or even yourself. Read it out loud. If writing isn’t your thing, talk to a friend, or a sibling. Find a counselor. You pay them to listen to you gripe, vent, bitch and whine. It’s awesome. You can tell them anything you want, and it’s completely confidential. Plus they help to provide you with a new perspective on addressing your problem. They are not going to judge you. Don’t be embarrassed. Don’t let your thoughts consume and control you. It’s a virus, and you need to get it out of your system. You’ll feel a whole lot better after it’s out.