Bloodletters Literary Magazine is intended to provide a safe space for those who have suffered physical, mental, or emotional trauma. For many, writing is a way to get the poison out.

The trauma spectrum is long and broad. Trauma means living with and through abuse and assault. It’s being violated. It’s being held at gunpoint. It’s returning home after facing the horrors of war. It’s being physically or emotionally tortured. It can also mean hearing words that make you feel unloved. It’s having your heart broken, your soul bruised. It’s facing death. It’s facing fear. It’s walking through smoke and coming out on the other side just to be confronted with the unknown.

The editors of Bloodletters are here to provide a space to bring you peace, to help you heal, to help you find a way to overcome your fears, and to help you move forward. If nothing else, we’d like to give you a moment to breathe.