Mindful Moment 1

Generate productive and meaningful meetings in the workplace

Shauna Piscitello, www.soulutionsforbalance.com

The mindfulness movement has really taken hold in the workplace particularly in the last10 years.  Google started it’s first “Search Inside Yourself” program for mindfulness training in 2007 while  last year, Aetna opened the first of it’s kind “Mindfulness Center”   for their employees. To understand why mindfulness is a beneficial practice at work and how it is helping with burnout, in leadership development and in shaping a corporate culture, read this recent interview with 2 veteran leaders in the mindful workplace movement, Sharon Salzberg and Janice Maturano titled The Key to a Mindful Work Life .

I’ve been in a fair share of meetings where I come away wondering what was accomplished.  These meetings only generate frustration and are completely draining.  Fortunately, I have also been involved in thoughtful, productive and inspiring meetings. For some suggestions on how to generate productive meetings, this tip is from General Electric’s Mindful Program Leader, Debbie Jeremiah; Mindful Meetings.