Mindful Moment 4

Self-awareness and decision making in the workplace

Shauna Piscitello, www.soulutionsforbalance.com

In a recent interview by Soren Gordhamer, the Founder of Wisdom 2.0, with Jeff Weiner, LinkedIN CEO, Mr. Weiner said that being an effective leader in his company you have to be a compassionate manager.  Which means you have to have empathy and awareness for others.  This requires first to be self aware and to know what is needed most in the present moment.  This requires intuition and being a good listener.  Mindfulness helps us to develop these skills in ourselves.  Knowing what we are feeling and thinking while also being curious to know what others are truly feeling and thinking. Yes, there are times as a leader you have to make a decision that may not be a consensus.  We can’t get bogged down in the consensus gathering, but when we are self aware, we make better decisions, we are less reactive, more responsive.  You can’t fake self-awareness.  Others know how you make them feel.  This reminds me of poet, Maya Angelou’s quote “I learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you make them feel.”  Good leaders make you feel heard.

For the full “New Leader” interview of Jeff Weiner, watch it here.

What kind of impression do you leave with others you work with? How much of yourself is present when you are interacting with them?  Do you find yourself multitasking in the presence of others?  When you are listening to someone else speak, are you listening with equanimity? or are there thoughts and your words formulating as a response before they are done?  Bring mindful awareness to your interactions at work. With kind, self compassion; notice those moments of unskilled interactions and see if there is an opportunity to respond with greater awareness of the other and of yourself.   This can be especially difficult when the other person is unskilled and triggers something in us, but can also be possibility to practice purposeful pauses.