Mindful Moment 3

Purposeful pauses: Cultivating mindful presence in leadership

Shauna Piscitello, www.soulutionsforbalance.com

Janice Maturano, a former General Mills executive and the founder of the Mindful Leadership Institute describes a mindful leader  as someone who embodies focus, clarity, creativity and compassion and does it in service to others. Think of someone who you know who exhibits quality leadership skills.  Do they posses these qualities?  How do they inspire you?  Aren’t these attributes something we all want to imbibe?  In order to lead with such presence we must recognize when we get overwhelmed (because we all do, even good leaders) or when stress has hijacked our thinking. Marturano recommends that we take “purposeful pauses” throughout our day, which gives us the space to check in, reflect and lead with greater clarity.