Mindful Moments

These simple reminders from Shauna Piscitello, Occupational Therapist and Meditation Teacher, help us to reduce stress and increase happiness by being present and mindful in our daily lives.


Mindful Moment 8 – Be Kind to Yourself

Mindful Moment 7 – Centering

Mindful Moment 6 – Practicing S.T.O.P. as a means to trust ourselves

Mindful Moment 5 – Vulnerability as strength

Mindful Moment 4 – Self-awareness and decision making in the workplace

Mindful Moment 3 – Purposeful pauses: Cultivating mindful presence in leadership

Mindful Moment 2 – The glass is already broken. It is not a detachment, but a greater appreciation for that which is not permanent.

Mindful Moment 1 – Using mindfulness practices to generate productive and meaningful meetings in the workplace. Come away from these meeting inspired, not tired.